The ABC of Change


Change is not an option, but a necessity. We often try ‘to reinvent the wheel’, when in fact we should ‘break the mould’ or ‘turn a new leaf’. Have you ever asked yourself- What stops you from changing? What are the essentials you require to change? What drives your choices? How do your beliefs and values shape your outlook?

Henry David Thoreau said, “The path of least resistance leads to crooked rivers and crooked men.” What is your truth? Doing the right thing is the key, even when the right thing is not easy. Quite often life seems to be a drag and during it, we find ourselves seeking ourselves. What is your true potential? Do you know where you are headed? How long are you going to be on a road that never seems to end? These are few questions and its form that bombard us ever so increasingly.

Anchors of Change

In a world where things change so rapidly. Ideas, Philosophies, Passions, Trust, Relationships, Governments, Health etc… What is your ANCHOR? An anchor is not the thing that holds you back, but that which gives you balance, a perspective to lean into. An anchor that keeps you grounded and protects you. These anchors are different for every person. Some anchors maybe – family, friends, values, religion, spirituality, culture. Whatever the anchor, the key is for it to bring about lasting change in the way you view the world and the way you view yourself.

The shift must be an internal one.

“All changes, even the most longed for have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we enter another.” ~ Anatole France

Change is Inevitable. The rudiments of life must be a realization that it is to change. However, not all change is progress, and good. Some alter one’s state and almost causes a downward spiral. The awareness to such changes can work wonders and put life back on track. The awareness of the imminent and the remote must stem up from the core of you. You are your best judge. Change is risky and only those who love taking risks, welcome it. We must be adept to adapt. Your inner self and in particular your values and beliefs, must be a compass to steer you towards your goals.

In some cases change occurs and in others we work towards it. All changes have some effect on them, natural or created. However, that which is most influential is within each of us – I, Me, and Myself. To swim with the flow of the water is easy, but to swim upstream is tough – it causes resistance that is unusual and garners all that you have within to truly succeed at it. Positive change creates a momentum and fosters wellbeing. It is the potential of knowing your strengths and weaknesses that sets you up for success or giving up on yourself too soon.

Change is either gradual or sudden. It is what you focus on that shapes you eventually. It is what you believe in that transforms you completely. Society around keeps peering to see what is wrong with you and often fail to understand what is right with you. It is not succumbing to their mindsets of people, and their opinions about you. Rather, it is building yourself from the pieces that remain and projecting a whole new you.

The power of change must never be underestimated.

It is a lifelong process. In it we change, we falter, we fail, we fall, we rise, and we change again, this process is iterative. It has far fetching consequences and liberates oneself when done correctly.

The ABC of Change

The ABC of Change is simple and yet significant. We should not consider this a fruitless exercise. Its nature and progress can be slow; therefore, caution must prevail. The ABC of change must be practiced in tandem and applied at every step of the human journey through life. If you fail, you must not give up, if you fall you must not stop. Change is a Process and so is Progress.

A – Accept

The need to change must stem from the desire to change. Acceptance is a ground rule to find the urge to do so. It is experiencing your reality. What is the purpose to change? If we have considered the answer to this question, then it is most likely that we have accepted our reality and are on track. Acceptance is an internal choice that surely have external repercussions. we have the right to make choices that will impact our life. we have the choice to become who we want. we must not be slave to our circumstances. we must pursue change and allow it to radically transform, our thoughts and actions. Acceptance is the Key. If we know we need to change, we will put every ounce of effort wanting to do it.

Acceptance of our reality is a large part of who we are . It must not be thrown away or ignored, it should enable us to muster the courage to face it. The reality of our current circumstances can be altered if we are not satisfied with it. In this very thought would lie a pursuit. Sacrifice is a large part that comes with the deal. Without sacrifice, no one has truly experienced change.

B – Broaden

“The world is your Oyster.” A phrase coined by William Shakespeare to illustrate the impossibilities that one can truly accomplish. Broaden our view and engage in a construct that elevates our self to the pursuit of greater things. The horizon will never cease, but that should never allow us to compromise. Keep looking way ahead, stay focussed on what we dare call ‘our dream.’ Make colossal efforts to reach out and get a hold of success. It is not far fetched to believe we can be successful. All we need is a thought pattern and a work pattern to get us there. Never allow someone else’s ideas of who we are, put a limit on who we truly can be. We have got to change the narrative. We have got to give up on negativity.

Foster self-love and care, practice focus and diligence. A focused mind can scale a million mountains and reach the stars. Let passion and perseverance be the twin engine to lead us on. Its sheer force on everything that stands in its way will grant us a clear passage going forward. Be prepared for the impossible that the power of change can bring. Broaden one’s outlook to life.

C – Channel

Channelising all our emotions (energy in motion) to provide us with a foundation that is unshakeable is the next key to change. An internal reflection is a healthy exercise to get rid of the residual feelings. It often requires a willingness to change, not at a superficial level but a deep seated one. To channel one’s inner self in alignment with what they believe, and how that further impacts all they do is critical to any sort of progress.

There are four window zones (Johari window) in which we operate, a clarity in these provides a great opportunity to change. (i) Open area or arena – this area comprises of things known to others and know to us (ii) Blindspot – things known to others about us but remain unknown to us (iii) Hidden area or façade – things not known to others about us but known very well to ourselves (iv) Unknown – things unknown to others and ourselves.

Do this now…

Firstly, have a go and write down the elements of your life known to you. Secondly, get the help of a friend or someone who knows you well, and will not be afraid of speaking the truth to you about you, and discover yourself. Thirdly, be honest in a self-evaluation. What are you hiding that hatyou are afraid of the world to find out? What do you have that may surprise the world? It is an honest review. Fourthly, explore areas that are unknown – what do you really want? How can you get it? What steps are you willing to take to reach out and get a hold of?

These are some questions that we can ask our self and many more to bring overall clarity. This is a simple exercise that will bear much fruit. If it is honest and forward looking.

Often allowing ourselves to live on the fringes or to be seated on the fence does no good. It must be actions that should lead us forward. Actions that provide a channel and one that gives us a tool to forge our name among those who did not give up or give in.


In conclusion, it is vital to remember that change is critical to growth. Stand out and make a difference. Work on yourself from within and allow the world to witness what you can truly be when intent, perseverance, and passion are aligned. It is not the stars that dictate your fate, or the planets that define your life but what you choose to be and the price you are willing to pay. Change is a must and you must not rest until you have found something worthy to change and work until you have changed.

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